COLOMBIA: Pizano SA leaves its 600 workers in the street

26 February 2018 06:21


On 15 February furniture company Pizano SA unilaterally initiated a settlement process that to date keeps its 600 workers in limbo between direct, subcontracted, temporary and part of the management. BWI affiliate SINTRAPIZANO has mobilized members in front of the plant, demanding justice for affected workers.

 “There is no acceptable justification for Pizano’s behaviour, and the BWI stands in solidarity with all affected workers” said BWI Regional Representative Nilton Freitas. “Our affiliate onsite SINTRAPIZANO has demanded explanations from the management but have received no satisfactory response.”

Freitas noted that since the beginning of the year Pizano SA has salaries payments have been delayed, and severance and liquidation payments have not been in keeping with the law. The Barranquilla-based Pizano SA justified their actions with reference to the financial crisis, unfair competition, lack of raw materials and depressed markets.

SINTRAPIZANO leaders say that workers are being kept in the dark. They suggest that the company is preparing for liquidation to give way to a new company free from union intervention. SINTRAPIZANO President Palmides Escorcia Pérez suggested this to the management in a recent telephone discussion.

The situation is in full development while the Intergremial of Construction and Wood Workers of Colombia (Intergremial) and BWI is evaluating actions of solidarity and accompaniment for the best possible arrangement that guarantees respect the rights of the workers.