Cuba: facing the challenges of multinationals

11 April 2016 14:28

The economic changes that has been implemented in this Caribbean island by decision of its Government and its people are facing the challenge of the large-scale arrival of multinational companies.

As part of its Strategic Plan of Economic Development and the consolidation and advancement of their social conquests, the revolution and Cuban workers introduced changes and innovations that allow foreign investment in sectors such as construction and related infrastructure, among others, the tourism activities.

Only in 2015 about 3.5 million tourists from around the world have enjoyed the great hospitality of the Cuban people, the wonders of nature and its unique public safety.

Workers and the Cuban people are internationally recognized for their infinite human solidarity, the quality of its health services, the high level of education of its people and now, increasingly, for its ability to make concerted changes with high economic and social impact, participation and respectful of the people.

Those are the reason why a delegation of women and men, senior leaders of the Building and Wood Worker´s International (BWI) and its major affiliates in 14 countries, began mission of solidarity, exchange and mutual cooperation with the National Trade Union of Construction Workers (SNTC) of Cuba, in Havana this week.