Digital technology training for youth and women workers

To fully adapt to the new normal imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trade Union of Forestry, Wood and Paper Processing of the Republic of Srpska organised a seminar on 10 October on the basics of webinars among its youth and women members. The training aims to capacitate the participants in the use of the internet and other digital platforms to communicate, do organising work and campaigns. 

The one-day training, which was conducted with the help of BWI, was held at Teslić, Hajdučki vode – Borja. The participants were familiarized with the theory and practical exercises on preparing, organising and holding webinars, online meetings and conferences. The training also discussed occupational health and safety, with an emphasis on the necessary protection measures during a pandemic.

The union said that it plans to hold more trainings among its youth and women members on the proper use of social media communication tools for its education activities.