Dutch workers struggle to save their pensions

19 September 2018 04:42

On 8 September, 3000 workers and union members of Netherlands’ largest union FNV gathered in Amsterdam for a demonstration against further raising the retirement age to 67.

The union wants the government to freeze the state pension at 66 years and trying to establish a new national pension contract. They have also raised particular concern against raising the pension age for workers with hard physical jobs and shift work.

“Construction workers often start working at a young age, often at 17 or 18. By the time they reach retirement age, they would have worked for more than 45 years in one of the most physically challenging profession. We think that their contribution in the labour market is enough with 45 years of labour, says Janna Mud responsible for the Construction Sector for FNV.

Freezing the retirement age was one of the unions' demands in negotiations to reach an agreement with the government and employers. FNV also demands inflation compensation for all generations and pensions accrual for all workers, including flexible and the self-employed workers.

The union will continue their campaign until the government heeds to their demands and more demonstrations are planned for the future throughout the Netherlands.