Egyptian Building and Wood Workers hold General Assembly

13 July 2018 06:25

Vote counting at the general assembly of the GTBWW in Egypt.

The General Trade Union of Building and Wood Workers (GTUBWW) in Egypt held its general assembly on the 19th of June at the union's advanced vocational training centre. Of the 331 delegates that attended the assembly, 83.5 per cent voted to elect Abdel Monem El Gamal as President of the union for the second term of office until 2022. 

The elections were held under the supervision of the Ministry of Manpower according to the Trade Union Organizations and Protection of the Right to Organize Act, which was recently adopted by the Egyptian Parliament.

In his acceptance speech, Abdel Monem El-Gamal stressed the need to continue to defend workers' rights as a top priority of the union and importance to establish balanced working relations between workers and employers, which will contribute to improving production in the country. 

The regional representative of the BWI Crecentia Mofokeng sent a solidarity message to GTUBWW and congratulated Abdel Monem El-Gamal for his new election.