Faber-Castell Network: Unions consolidate the Network and define strategies for their struggle

29 June 2017 15:38

The trade unions representing Faber-Castell workers at four different company units in Latin America met between June 21 and 23, 2017 in the city of São Carlos-SP. In addition to representatives of the local unit, representatives of the Prata-MG and Manaus-AM units, both from Brazil, and from Lima Peru were also present. This meeting was organized by the Building and Wood Workers’ International- BWI, and aimed to consolidate the International Trade Union Network of Workers of Faber-Castell in Latin America to strengthen the solidarity among the workers of this company and thus achieve better working conditions.

The trade union representatives gathered at the headquarters of the local union S. T. I. São Carlos where they shared their experiences on collective bargaining, working conditions, professional training and health and safety; in addition, the Peruvian union shared the struggle and the campaign they had to do in order have a union.

The trade unionists worked on the elaboration of a principles letter of the Network, shared the necessary information for the construction of a framework on worker’s rights and elaborated a plan of work that includes items of health and safety, collective bargaining, forest certification and expansion and how the Network will work.

Among the objectives defined for the network are: to promote constant communication between unions and the exchange of experiences of successful trade union practices; to increase solidarity among the workers of the Trade Union Network of Workers of Faber-Castell in Latin America, organizing solidarity actions when necessary; to capacitate trade union leadership with international instruments to promote workers' rights; to strengthen the unions that are part of the Network and support their actions in each of the units.

The participants also visited the local unit where they were able to get to know the factory and staff's facilities, the production of pencils and cosmetics and established a dialogue with the management of the unit on the policies of human resources, union relations, environment and health and safety at work..