Fact sheet: Protecting migrant workers in an overheating planet

In light of the intensifying global climate crisis, BWI has prepared a fact sheet dedicated to protect the health and safety of workers, with a specific emphasis on migrant workers. As temperatures reach unprecedented highs, the fact sheet informs trade unions, workers, and industries with practical strategies to effectively navigate extreme heat, and illuminate pathways for workers in strategically addressing challenges exacerbated by climate change.

Recognising the extraordinary vulnerabilities faced by migrant workers, we emphasise the importance of inclusive and sustainable solutions. Our fact sheet not only addresses immediate threats posed by extreme heat but also delineates long-term strategies to cultivate climate-resilient workplaces. This approach fosters a global commitment to a just transition towards a more sustainable future.

We extend an invitation to join us at #COP28 in Dubai. Together, let's champion the well-being of workers worldwide and work towards a future where climate resilience is integral at every stage of the just transition to a more sustainable and equitable world.

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