FIFA includes labour Standards and Human Rights in Bidding Documents

09 November 2017 10:08


FIFA have published new bidding regulations for the selection of future host cities, containing new commitments to human and labour rights. The BWI submitted detailed proposals to FIFA, in meetings and in writing, regarding the need to guarantee Labour Rights in FIFA contracts for infrastructure works. FIFA just published the new Bid Book, which will open the door for Trade Unions at an early stage before construction contracts are awarded.

"We are glad to see that FIFA is looking at implementing mechanisms to address all elements of human rights, including in its bidding documents", said BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson. "Implementing labour rights requirements from the outset will enable FIFA to use its platform for the good of construction workers involved in the preparation of the World Cup Tournament projects."

In the new Bid Book Chapter E on Sustainable event management, Human Rights and Environmental Protection, relevant sections are 22 and 23. The requirement here is commitment to the UN Guiding Principles regarding Human Rights and Labour Standards.

Section 22 of the Bid Book requires a written strategy for sustainable procurement processes, with a comprehensive assessment of risks. This includes Human Resources management, procurement and construction of infrastructure, including supply chain and community/stakeholder engagement. Reporting on sustainability is to be based on the Global Reporting Initiative.

Section 23 of the Bid Book requires commitment to UNGP regarding Human Rights and Labour Standards,including labour rights of 3rd party and migrant workers. It requires a comprehensive assessment, supported by an independent study, of national laws and practice on human and labour rights. This must be in line not only with UNGP, but also FIDIC Conditions of Contracts for Construction, IFC Performance Standard 2 on working conditions and Health and Safety, as well as the ILO CoP on Construction H&S. It also requires detailed information on due diligence as well as dialogue with stakeholders and grievance mechanisms.

FIFA includes labour Standards and Human Rights in Bidding Documents. See Bid Book HERE.

Ambet Yuson is a member of the Human Rights Advisory Board which was created this year.