FNV holds Congress, envisions better future for workers

The Federation of Dutch Trade Unions (FNV), a big national trade union centre in the Netherlands, successfully held its four-yearly Congress last 12-13 April at DeFabrique in Utrecht. The event, which carried the theme “You are the Future,” was attended by FNV’s affiliates from different sectors, networks (both local and thematic), and members  from the FNV Parliament. National and international guests also graced the occasion. 

FNV explained that its Congress theme tries to capture both the uncertainty and challenges of the present, and the promise of a better future. It listed the COVID-19 pandemic, the war on Ukraine, climate change, rising unemployment, low wages and the robotisation of workplaces as some of the burning issues that workers are facing as they try to get a grip of what their future holds.

FNV’s two-day Congress thoroughly discussed the said issues to better understand the current juncture and effectively search for a clear path and vision of a better future for all workers.  

The union said that with the help of its 2021 Board members, as well as its members in the FNV parliament, it will gather the output of the said discussions to formulate its new strategic plan.  

The FNV is both a labour union (consisting of different sectors) as well as a labour federation (with affiliated independent unions). Both these sectors and affiliated unions are represented in the "FNV parliament," which is directly elected by the membership. The parliament represents the membership, creates "overarching" policy, and oversees the board. The parliament also elects the board, except the chairperson, who is directly elected by the membership