French unions prepare for struggle over labour reforms

31 August 2017 08:41


With draft labour reforms due for release on 31 August, the CGT is preparing for a summer struggle over new rules that would further attack national-level collective bargaining and promote the casualization of working conditions. BWI’s affiliate FNSCBA-CGT has called on workers to mobilise for a national day of action on 12 September to oppose these unjust reforms.

According to the official CGT statement, Macron’s reforms aim to expand company-level bargaining and undermine the standards that currently regulate labour relations, creating greater competition between workers. Negotiation will be able to proceed without unions, and the Government is also proposing to merge the three existing workers’ representative bodies into one, diminishing the importance of health and safety committees. Company agreements will take precedence over sectoral agreements, making it easier for employers to impose casual contracts (short-term or temporary) and ‘operations contracts’ (for short-term assignments), and insulate employers against legal action for unfair or illegal dismissals.

The CGT has raised concerns that there has been little consultation with workers or unions – only through oral information, and with no opportunity for input. The draft law will be published on 31 August to be ratified by the Council of Ministers, and could be ready for implementation as soon as late September.

For the official CGT press statement, please click here.