Georgia: Union adopts action plan for safe work and gender equality

03 July 2018 11:59


The Independent Trade Union of Building and Forestry Workers of Georgia held their 18th national congress on the 23rd of June in Tbilisi, Georgia. The Congress adopted a new action plan for 2018-2022 and re-elected Marina Kurtanidze as their president for the next four years.

“Our action plan for the next Congress period is focused on the safe work, workers’ rights and trade union solidarity. We will also continue our fight for gender equality and empower women and young workers in our trade union,” said Marina Kurtanidze.

The union is actively involved in BWI’s campaigns on both at the regional and global levels. The BWI has supported trade union youth programs in the country as well as supported the union’s organizing efforts.

The BWI will continue to support the union as it develops its capacity to ensure decent work and workers’ rights in Georgia.