Ghana: 11th Quadrennial Delegates’ Conference of PUWU: Ensuring an efficient and reliable service delivery in the utilities sector

29 July 2016 12:55


Public Utility Workers’ Union – PUWU of Ghana TUC and its national women committee successfully held their 11th and 3rd Quadrennial Delegates Conference at PSWU Center in Kumasi Ghana from July 10th to 12th 2016 under the theme: “ Ensuring an efficient and reliable service delivery in the utilities sector : the role of stakeholders” . The conference was presided by Al Haji Ismail Ibrahim national chairperson of PUWU with the attendance of the Regional Minister of Kumasi representing Ghana Government, the Secretary General of Ghana Trade Union Congress (TUC) Kofi Asamuah, representatives from BWI and PSI, representatives from employers, fraternal unions’ affiliates to TUC Ghana and around 200 delegates, observers and invited guests. 

The General Secretary of PUWU, Bondzi-Quaye while addressing the 11th Quadrennial Delegates’ Conference of the Public Utilities Workers Union in Kumasi asserted that consumers of utility in Ghana receive poor services resulting from contracts entered into by Government and added that when Utility providers are given “the free hand to perform, can deliver to the best of their ability to satisfy their numerous customers”. 

The last quadrennial, from 2012 – 2016 has been one with mixed fortunes for the Public Utility Workers’ Union of Ghana. Government’s economic policies have impacted adversely on the performance of the union affiliates companies while mass redundancies have not occurred in the two companies from which the Union draws the bulk of its membership. 

But PUWU has opposed resistance to this situation by many nationwide demonstrations and public actions to fight against the planned privatisation or concession of Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG). 

Kofi Asamuah the Secretary General of TUC said the next quadrennial conference of TUC will take and official position on the situation of ECG. 

The BWI was represented by Abdoul Karim Ouedraogo, Africa and Middle East policy and Campaign officer who extended solidarity of the General Secretary Ambet Yuson and the Regional Representative Crecentia Mofokeng to PUWU. “BWI is supporting your struggles for better working and living condition and is against all reforms in the utility sector in Ghana that will impact the jobs and benefits of the workers… he said. 

The 11th Quadrennial conference has adopted the report of the General Secretary, amended the union constitution and elected new leadership. 

The former Deputy General Secretary Michael Adumata Nyantakyi has been elected new General Secretary, Edna Opuku Boakye has been re-elected as 2nd National Vice Chairperson 

The new leadership is composed as followed: 

National Chairperson: Ali Baba Idi 

1st National Vice Chairperson: Samuel Osei 

2nd National Vice Chairperson: Edna Opuku Boakye 

General Secretary: Michael Adumata Nyantakyi 

Deputy General Secretary: Richard Nyaaba 

1st National Trustee: C. C. Ahiagbede 

2nd National Trustee: Ben Brown