Global Day of Action against Military Rule in Myanmar

Since the Myanmar military launched a coup on 1 February 2021 and the emergence of the Spring Revolution, a total of 2,734 people, including trade unionists, pro-democracy activists and other civilians, have been killed, while 13,495 people are currently under detention, 2,057 of whom are serving sentences. There are no clear signs that the atrocities will subside anytime soon. 

The global community, especially the international trade union movement, cannot allow this colossal humanitarian crisis to continue unchallenged. If the wanton human rights violations is to end in Myanmar, genuine democracy must be fully restored by putting an end to the illegitimate military rule in the country and the recognition of the National Unity Government (NUG). 

Thus, as we mark the second year of the people’s continuing resistance against the military’s failed coup, the Council of Global Unions, including BWI, calls on all affiliated trade unions and workers to join us in a Global Day of Action against Military Rule in Myanmar on 6 February. We ask trade unions to: 

  • Hold demonstrations and picket protests at embassies of countries supportive of the military junta. Organise online and offline workers’ seminars, press conferences, and fora to continue raising awareness on the Myanmar crisis.
  • Intensify advocacy and lobby efforts before different governments and international institutions to recognise the NUG.  
  • Upload photos of solidarity actions on various social media platforms. Please use the hastags: #Workers4Myanmar #RecogniseNUG 

To aid our various initiatives, please download our latest campaign materials here.  

On the same date, the Confederation of Trade Unions In Myanmar (CTUM) will conduct an International Online Forum carrying the theme “ Cry for Freedom: Struggle, we Must!” We encourage everyone to attend this event. To register, go here.