Global meetings on Cement and on International Framework Agreements – Focus on the Future

28 November 2017 12:53


Both groups overviewed the work carried out over the last congress period and discussed the strategy to be developed by the International. They outlined the global dynamics of mergers and acquisitions in BWI sectors and how to strengthen union to union cooperation and trade union networks. These events were held on 27 November 2017.

The Cement meeting discussed the 2016 BWI Global Cement Survey and the recommendations from the Global Cement Conference of 2016 in Panama. Pierre Cuppens, the chair of the group, focused on the following:

  • Genuine social dialogue

  • Sustainability of international framework agreements

  • The issue of subcontracting

  • Health and Safety

  • The industry's impact on climate change and

  • Disparities in wages and social protection.

The survey and Panama Conference Action Plan represent the platform for regional networking in future activities. Participants were told that the global cement report will be translated into various languages. It was agreed to have regional network meetings annually, and a 2nd Global Cement Conference in 2019.

On international framework agreements, BWI discussed the signing of new IFAs in 2017 and 2018. Vicente Sanchez, chair of the IFA global working group welcomed the proposals for next congress period including a global survey of affiliates regarding their expectations and experience of IFAs, mapping of operations to identify key countries and evaluation of trade union organising capacity. The BWI will carry out an evaluation of the impact of IFAs, produce materials for training on more rigorous implementation with the objective of organising and achieving collective agreements in key countries. It was agreed to have regional network meetings annually, and an MNCs Conference in 2019.