Global Solidarity Action to Support the General Strike in South Korea

On the 30th of November the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) has called for a general strike calling for the abolishment of regressive labour law reforms and the immediate resignation of President Park Geun Hye who has been embroiled in a major scandal exposing corruption and cronyism spanning several decades. Throughout her term, Park Geun Hye has consistently launched a series of vicious attacks against trade unions and labour rights in South Korea. 


In the past year, the South Korean trade unions have been fighting against a set of changes in the labour law that will allow firing workers without due process, cutting wages for senior employees and allow even more outsourcing and sub-contracting. The government’s response has been continuous repression by arresting hundreds of trade union members and raiding of union offices. Currently Han Sang Gyun, President of the KCTU is facing a five-year prison term and also imprisoned is Lee Jong Hwa, President of the Korean Construction Plant Workers Union a member of BWI’s affiliate, the KFCITU. 

Support to the KCTU General Strike by organizing solidarity protest actions in front of South Korean missions and consulates on November 30. 

The BWI supports the key demands of the KCTU General Strike: 

      1. Abolishment of regressive labour law reforms 

      2. Immediate release of all trade imprisoned trade unionists 

      3. Fundamental labour rights for all workers including irregular, temporary, contract, bogus self-employed, and migrant workers. 

          4. Immediate and unconditional resignation of Park Geun Hye.

          You can download the call to action flyler here.