Global unions detail labour rights abuses by Burmese military junta

Global Union Federations actively working in the Asia-Pacific region released a factsheet on the worsening labour rights situation in military-ruled Myanmar. It details the widespread labour rights abuses of the military junta since its appalling power grab last February.

As of the last count, more than 5,000 Burmese people have been arrested and/or incarcerated, including Mi Mi Aung and Juty Aung of the Building and Wood Worker’s Federation of Myanmar (BWFM-CTUM). Meanwhile, 812 have died at the hands of the military junta’s security forces. 

The Asia-Pacific Regional Organizations of the Global Union Federations stand in full solidarity with the Burmese people’s struggle for democracy. We call on the United Nations (UN) and all nation-states to recognise the Burmese people’s National Unity Government (NUG) as the sole and legitimate governing authority in the country, and to cut all political and economic ties to the military junta.

Download the factsheet here.