Global unions support Algeria’s struggle for workers’ rights and democracy

As part of the international trade union movement, BWI joined fellow global union federations in expressing full solidarity and support for the Algerian workers’ struggle for trade union rights and democratic freedoms in their country. 

In a statement, the global unions said that independent unions and their members have faced targeted dismissals, harassment and persecution for many years. However, since February 2019, trade unionists were victims of intensified repression in retaliation for their support for and participation in the Hirak movement, Algeria’s democracy movement. 

The global unions called on the Algerian government to unconditionally release all those detained and sentenced for their trade union and civic engagement, fully respect democratic rights, including the right to freedom of association, and implement the decisions and recommendations of the ILO to ensure that independent trade unions can organise and represent workers without fear of harassment or retaliation. 

The statement is also available in Arabic and French.