Honduras: BWI for decent work in the cement industry

20 June 2018 21:42

Fernando Izaguirre (President SITRAINCEHSA), Nilton Freitas (BWI Regional Representative) and Carlos Madero (Minister of State for Labor Affairs and Social Security of Honduras)

Earlier in June, the Building and Wood Workers´ International (BWI) made a visit to Honduras. The visit was a response to the call of the BWI affiliated Honduran Cement Industry Workers´ Union (SITRAINCEHSA), due to the risk of deterioration of employment in the local cement industry.

"The national industry is affected by the decline in construction and is also facing the entry of Asian products into the Honduran market, that compete unfairly with domestic production", said Fernando Izaguirre, Secretary General of SITRAINCEHSA.

In meeting with the SITRAINCEHSA´s Board of Director, one of the conclusions was that these products are developed and distributed with standards below health and safety policies at work, without freedom of association or collective bargaining and without Decent Work criteria according to the ILO and national labor legislation.

The visit agenda included meetings with top executives of ARGOS, Honduras, company that maintains a collective bargaining agreement with the union. The employers fear that the loss of domestic market share may put the quality of jobs at risk.

BWI’s Regional Representative, Nilton Freitas, and the Executive Board of SITRAINCEHSA also held a meeting with the Minister of State for Labor and Social Security Affairs, Carlos Madero. SITRAINCEHSA requested implementation of policies against labour insecurity to reduce unregistered work, low social protection and employment without satisfactory standards of safety and health at work.