Honduras: BWI in solidarity with the Honduran people

11 December 2017 09:49


The BWI is closely accompanying developments following the most recent federal elections in Honduras. The BWI is increasingly worried about the growing evidence of electoral fraud.

The events have been provoked by the fact that opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla who had led in early results now reportedly has 41.43%, less than current president and candidate for reelection Juan Orlando Hernandez with 42.92%. These results and the continuing delays in the publication of results have distrust.

In the words of the opposition candidate, the electoral authorities intend to steal victory, a product of a fraud and fixing of results. Nasralla has indicated that only results from a manual recount will be acceptable.

While these discussions are taking place, supporters of Salvador Nasralla have taken to the streets in the main cities of the country to defend their victory and show their dissatisfaction. They have been strongly repressed by the police and the army, which has caught the attention of the international community and calls are already being made for negotiations and involvement of international entities, including the UN.

The BWI rejects all forms of violence that threaten the physical integrity of the protesters and calls for an agreement between the parties while a physical count of ballots takes place with the participation of accredited and legitimate international observers. The will of the Honduran people must be immediately respected. We join our affiliated unions SITRAASPE and SITRAINCEHSA in Honduras and other affiliates around the world as we continue to accompany this situation that affects the lives of all Honduran workers and their families.