IG BAU congress elects new executive board

19 October 2017 13:20

IG BAU congress elects new executive board

The 22nd congress of IG BAU in Berlin elected a new executive board including two women following the decision in favour of a gender equality quota of 30 per cent. Around 300 delegates attended the event held in Berlin Germany from 9-13 October 2017 under the theme “Decent Work Now!”.

IG BAU Chair Robert Feiger and two deputies Dietmar Schäfers and Harald Schaum were re-elected as well as Carsten Burckhardt. Nicole Simons and Ulrike Laux are the new women sitting on the board.

Attending the event, Yuson called for clean football World Cup construction sites in Qatar with decent working conditions for all construction workers. He stressed that the BWI together with IG BAU concluded an agreement with the Qatari to conduct joint safety inspections  in the eight World Cup stadiums.  “With several union inspectors including IG BAU health and safety inspector, we have improved the health and safety conditions of more than 20,000 migrant workers in Qatar.”

“I also count on IG BAU in the future. Multinationals aggressively chase profits without any morals, taking advantage of weak labor laws and weak trade unions.  Together, we need to counter this power by building a strong international trade union movement.” 

Yuson also focused on IG BAU’s leading role in the FSC in Germany and global framework agreements.

See Yuson's speech IG BAU here.