Implementation plan in place for BWI policy on discrimination and harassment


True to its commitment to consistently provide an environment free of discrimination and harassment, the BWI World Board adopted an implementation plan for the BWI policy against harassment and discrimination which covers a range of acts of discrimination and harassment, as well as other unacceptable behaviour based on nationality, race or skin colour, sex, age, pregnancy, marital or relationship status, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious belief and political affiliation.


The policy covers all leaders, members, participants, delegates, and employees of BWI at all BWI activities wherever they may take place around the world. It also covers acts of harassment and discrimination that may arise in all BWI global, regional, sub-regional, project offices, affiliates’ offices, field activities or locations, where acts are conducted in context of working relationship or while fulfilling duties or missions including travel provided by BWI for undertaking such duties.


Any person who believes he or she has been harassed or discriminated against can avail of the redress mechanisms provided by the policy.  

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