International Olympic Committee – IOC: eleven deaths, not even a word

08 September 2016 10:36

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) says it is committed to build a better world through sport. Just like FIFA, IOC is an independent, non-profit international organization. The proceeds from the games are designated to the promotion of sports activities worldwide. 

In this sense, on August 5th began in Rio de Janeiro the 2016 Olympic Games. All this after a few years of infrastructure projects such as: port and airport improvements, extension of metro lines, construction and expansion of roads and viaducts, ponds remediation, Guanabara bay, expansion and consolidation of a policy of citizen public security, improved urban mobility system with light vehicles (LRV), busways and cycle ways, construction of new tunnels, unlock network road through specific operations, as well as the renovation, expansion and construction of museums. 

Huge condominium complexes were built to house athletes and journalists from around the world so they can be able to carry out their activities in the new and modern sports arenas specially built for the Games. More than 50,000 workers were mobilized in order to the show will be enjoyed since August 5th by citizens around the world. Excellent. 

What is not justified, and consequently cannot be explained, is the silence of the organizers of the Games in relation to eleven deaths during the construction period, as well as many other serious and permanent or temporary consequences accidents both in terms of human lives and economic. Both. 

It was a permanent competition between contractors and organizers of the games on one hand and labor unions (nominally SINTRACONST RIO and SITRAICP) and the labor inspection on the other hand. The first ones, concerned about accomplish projects' deadlines, and others, concerned about ensure the compliance of the rules: fair play. All this without the use of non-trustful actions such as: unregistered work, payments out of the proper regulations, failure to inform unions and labor inspection, hidden accidents, etc. How will, from today, the doping controls going to work? 

Everything could have been so much worse if it were not for the fighting spirit and commitment to justice of all those champions who were not invited to the medal podium: trade unions, union representatives, members of the CIPA and labor inspectors. 

However, eleven deaths were recorded. Eleven failures of the IOC's policy speeches about sustainability, of the companies' safety and health management and to the event organizers. 

Eleven deaths, not even a word.  This is the reason why, the Building and Wood Workers' International (BWI), SITRAICP, SINTRACONST RIO, CESTEH/ENSP/ FIOCRUZ and SRTE/RJ pay tribute to those eleven heroes who lost their lives to carry out more of this big show.