International Workers' Memorial Day: Joint action to be held for the first time in Turkey

05 June 2017 19:36

BWI Posters, translated into Turkish, will be distributed to Turkish workers.


In Turkey, BWI affiliates will be organising a joint action on 28 April 2017 for the first time. They will have a joint meeting in YOL-IS construction union headquarters. They will deliver speeches on health and safety issues and condemn the high rate of deadly accidents in the country. They will also read a joint declaration in presence of the media. 

Turkish Union of Road Construction and Building Workers (YOL-IS) will distribute BWI posters in Turkish to members in 35 different cities. 

YOL-IS will also show the public service advertisement on health and safety standards it has recently filmed in the construction sector. 

Please find below the joint press statement of BWI affiliates in Turkey - Turkish Wood and Paper Industry Union (AGAC-IS), Turkish Forest Workers Union (AGAC-IS), Civil Servants Union of Agriculture, Forestry, Husbandry and Environment (TARIM ORMAN-IS) and Turkish Road Building and Construction Workers Union (YOL-IS).