Israel: Katy Karkolov crane operator at Machluf Bechor construction was fired

06 April 2016 12:05

Katy Karkolov, a crane operator and a contract worker, worked at the Machluf Bechor construction company for one year before she was fired.

She was fired from her job after refusing to work on a crane in extreme weather conditions. She's suing Machluf Bechor for compensation for NIS 620,000 (approximately US$159,260).

Katie came to work as usual. Strong winds started in the afternoon. She told her manager that there are strong winds and she was scared to work and endanger her life. She came down from the crane and the manager said if she doesn't work then she's fired.

She worked on a crane for 12 hours at a height of 70 meters (approximately 229.66 ft.), which is approximately 15 stories high.

Katie is a single mother to two children. She said that her dismissal caused her frustration, injustice, unfairness and disappointment.