"IT IS OUR TIME" declares youth of BWI Africa and Middle East

07 August 2018 17:57

The BWI Africa and Middle East has promoted empowerment of young workers in the BWI sectors for the past 10 years. At its world congress, BWI decided to create a statutory youth structure in the organization.

As a result of this decision, the region organized a seminar from 24 to 26 August in Nairobi to build capacity of the young leaders in campaign development as well as political and economic analysis of the region. The participants raised challenges faced by young people in society and workplaces.

The young participants called upon their unions to prioritize empowerment of youth and creation of youth structures in their unions. BWI affiliates in Africa have equipped their youth and women with campaign and communication skills that will ensure their inclusivity, the fight against gender-based violence by building a successor generation. This requires continuity of investment in young union leaders through training.

The young men and women in the seminar declared that “IT IS OUR TIME” and that they will push for increased youth and women representation and within the trade union in the BWI sectors.