Join the Global Climate March on November 29

18 April 2016 11:29

More than 2,300 climate marches will take place before the UN Climate Summit in Paris that will start next week.

The BWI encourages all its affiliates to join these events, or organize their own actions.

”This is the time to demand world leaders to take action for a global binding agreement to stop climate change. Workers in our sectors are already suffering under global warming and many of them are on the front lines in the struggle for a more sustainable world,” said Ambet Yuson, general secretary of the BWI.

Another good reason to demand climate action is that there are millions of jobs to be created by investments aiming for a transition to renewable energy. For example, studies show that investments in renewable energy create six to eight times more jobs than investments in fossil fuel. A report that the BWI issued earlier this year shows how our sectors can become driving forces to combat climate change.

While the planned mass demonstrations in Paris have been canceled due to security reasons after the recent terror attacks – it is even more important for people in the rest of the world to take action.

”It is not too late to stop catastrophic climate change but we need to create a strong pressure from below and mobilize to get our politicians to act. This is our chance to demand a more just and sustainable world for all,” said Ambet Yuson.

Union members are encouraged to wear green hard hats of show support for green jobs and climate action.

Find an event near you on the Avaaz website: CLICK HERE!