Join the runs against Child Labour in Schimmert Netherlands on June 14 - funds will go to the schools in India

18 April 2016 12:56

There you will find the Child Learn Marathon and races happening for the sixth time. The entire funds collected from this marathon shall go to Child Learn that helps children to go to school instead of working.

Rationale of the Child Learn is to help the whole family and for them to have better prospects. Simply banning child labour drives family deeper into poverty. This is why Child Learn works with the Indian trade union movement on several fronts. Negotiations with employers result in more wages. Wells in the village relieve mothers from hours of carrying water. Participation of parents is there and schools have been set-up. These campaigns have freed hundreds of work sites and dozens of villages from child labour.

Moreover, Indian policy makers have become convinced that education also needs money and financial commitment. Now, some amount of money is reserved for education by law. For example, children from child learn schools are transferred to regular mainstream schools. At present, 13 Child Learn schools have more than 1,000 children – half girls and half boys and they receive first two-years of basic education. The children will exchange few words through Skype with the children in the foundation's schools with their teachers.

Want to know more? Please visit Child Learn website here and sign up for the marathon or one of the other races by registering here.