Kenya: East Africa unions adopted theory of Change and new strategies of organizing IFIs and MNCs Infrastructure projects

05 March 2018 11:53

Inspired by the new BWI Global Strategic Plan 2018-2021, BWI East Africa affiliates from Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia planned new strategies during a three days’ workshop from 20th to 22nd February 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya. The meeting was attended by Rosa Van Wieringen FNV Mondiaal policy advisor, Sandra Juarez, Lobby and Campaign assistant and others FNV Consultants from South Asia and from East Africa; as well as BWI Africa and Middle East Regional Representative Crecentia Mofokeng and the BWI Assistant Secretary for Education Jasmin Redzepovic from Geneva head office.

The workshop helped to develop a Theory of Change and new strategies that will be implemented under the programme “Organizing Workers at International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and MNCs Infrastructure Projects in East Africa”, a BWI four-years programme (2017-2020) supported in partnership with FNV Mondiaal, from the Netherlands has been launched.

The new programme strategies will strengthen the nature and character of East Africa sub region, through more multilateralism in its approach on issues like IFIs, MNCs, campaigns for National Governments to effectively enforce Core Labour Standards (CLS), gender and youth and strengthening the Trade Unions and their centers to act on decent work issues in construction and building sectors.

Addressing the participants at the planning workshop, the BWI Regional Representative Crecentia Mofokeng said that the new programme emphasis is to strengthen national campaigns for promotion of decent work and building regional and international coordinated campaigns for IFIs. Through the implementation of the project activities the East Africa unions will push to integrate CLS in new CBAs and Labour Laws and for MNCs to implement Global Framework Agreements and OECD standards.

The participants visited a Standard railway construction site being operated by a Chinese firm, China Communications Construction Company limited who is a leading global provider of major infrastructures mainly engaged in investment construction and operation of transport, infrastructures equipment manufacturing, real estate and urban complex development.

The affiliates agreed on forward looking strategies for collective and individual country actions for the next four years, that will use new ways of organizing and mobilizing members to campaign and tackle the insurmountable challenges of workers..