Labour, protesting for food and jobs and for a change in the governance in Nigeria

10 February 2017 16:10

Thousands of protesting Workers on Thursday 9 February called on the Federal Government to create policies that would reduce the suffering of Nigerians and also provide food on their tables.

The workers marched from Yaba, in Lagos through Ikorodu Road chanting solidarity songs and carrying placards. The protest was organized by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) and also joined by the civil society groups.

The Vice President of BWI AFRECO, President of NUCECFWW and also Vice President of the NLC, Amaechi Asugwuni, said workers intermittently appealed to the government to make changes that would impact positively on people.

According to Asugwuni, creating people’s oriented policies would reduce the level of poverty in the country. He said that the rally was necessitated by the outcry of people who are worried about the increasing cost of food, goods and services.

“We are demanding for a change. They promised us food, jobs, stable power supply but none has been done. ”The government should be sensitive to the plight of the people. It has not increased the salaries of workers and many companies have closed because of poor power supply,” he said. The policemen with their vans joined the march to ensure peaceful rally.