Latin American and Caribbean unions join 16 days activism vs. gender violence

Latin American and the Caribbean women trade union leaders from at least nine (9) countries joined the campaign against gender-based violence (GBV) and ratification of ILO Convention 190 as part of the “16 Days Trade Union Activism on Violence against Women,” which started on 25 November and conclude on 10 December, the International Human Rights Day. 

The said women trade union leaders belong to UOCRA and UOLRA (Argentina), SUTFACAP, FENATIMAP and FTCCP (Peru), FEDESOMEC (Ecuador), SEBI (Curazao), BITU (Jamaica), SINCS-G (Guatemala), FENTICOMMC (Dominican Republic), CIT (Mexico) and Brazilian trade unions led by MARRETA, SINTRACOM-Dourados, SINTEPAV-BA, Químicos ABC, STI Químicas São Carlos, SINDCONGRU, SINDPRESP and SINTICOM-PB. 

The BWI-affiliated trade unions said that, during the 16-day campaign, they will implement online campaigns using different social media platforms, maximise mainstream news channels, coordinate national meetings at worksites and organise multi-stakeholder events to engage governments on the ILO Convention 190 ratification. 

Trade union solidarity among workers in different countries in the region will also be highlighted with Argentina’s UOLRA working closely with UGT FICA of Catalunya, Spain in the creation of anti-GBV videos. On the other hand, UOCRA (also from Argentina) explained that even before the start of the 16-day campaign, it was already busy conducting series of webinars on the issue of gender-based violence at workplaces and homes. 

The BWI affiliates in the region thanks the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES-Germany), the Trade Union Congress (TUC-UK) and International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) for supporting them in conducting education and advocacy activities on different gender issues.