Latin American women celebrate high ratification rate of ILO Convention 190

The 15th Meeting of the BWI Regional Women Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (RWC-LAC) on June 30 presented the scope and achievements of the global union in the region on gender policy, trainings, organisation, advocacy and participation of women workers in trade unions from 2018 to 2022. 

The RWC-LAC President Fabiana Santos detailed in her report a total of 11,696 women workers directly trained by BWI from 2018 to 2021, and another 27,802 women workers trained by the unions in the same period. 

"Women's active participation in the International Women's Month Campaign, the Global Campaign "16 Days of Activism", the Global Leadership Training Program for Women, the BWI Women in the Trades Program, training in Digital Activism and efforts for more ILO Convention No.190 ratifications were crucial actions for women in the LAC", said Santos, who is also from the FENTICOMMC-Dominican Republic. 

"This is the result of intense and hard work at the global level focused on more ratifications of ILO Convention, as well as increased women worker participation in BWI industries at the national, regional and global levels," said Marta Pujadas of UOCRA-Argentina, Titular member of the RWC-LAC. 

The LAC region has an impressive ratification rate of the ILO Convention 190, with Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Antigua leading the countries in the region that ratified the instrument. 

BWI has also collaborated with Jamaican affiliates in 2020 in the preparation of evaluative research papers for the ratification of the convention. 

"The proposals of Latin American women for the BWI Global Strategic Plan, which will be presented at the 5th BWI World Congress in Madrid in 2022, are indispensable for the continuity of women inclusion in BWI industries. This Committee has assumed the task to contribute and work hard for more representation, and you have shown this over the years", said Nilton Freitas, BWI Regional Representative for LAC.

The meeting was also attended by Aline Chaves Ferle from SITRACOM Dourados-Brazil, Gumercinda Ángeles from SUTFACAP-Peru and Lucille Alberto from SEBI-Curacao.