Macedonia: SSHDE continues to focus on collective bargaining

13 July 2017 06:02


The Trade Union of the workers in Forestry, Wood Industry and Energy of the Republic of Macedonia (SSHDE) is continuously working to achieve one of the most important goals and objectives of the unions, which is the regulation of the rights and obligations of the workers and employers through the collective bargaining process.

In the interest of achieving this most important determination of the trade unions on 4.7.2017, the President of SSHDE, Zhivko Mitrevski, President of the trade union organisation of the public institution National Park Mavrovo- Mavrovi Anovi, Trpe Matevski and the management of the public institution signed the Collective Agreement of the public institution National Park Mavrovo.

The Collective Agreement of this public institution is a fundamental document which, in addition to regulating the mutual rights and obligations, clearly contains provisions regarding the realization and protection of labour rights, special protection of certain categories of workers, manner of resolving disputes, regulating the relations between the trade union and the employer, remuneration and additional allowances, and other extremely important issues, thus fulfilling the goals of the collective bargaining process and concluding collective agreements.

The representatives of the National Park Mavrovo, Admir Musai and Tomo Gjorgjievski and Stefan Blazevski from the SSHDE were also present at the signing of the collective agreement.

In order to accomplish its programme for signing collective agreements at the employer level, SSHDE is in the final stage to conclude collective agreements in several other enterprises and entities.