Maputo Mozambique : Africa Regional Youth Committee explores and bring forth innovations to Trade Unions

21 October 2016 09:58

Affiliates from Africa and Middle East called for a meeting in Maputo, Mozambique for young workers representatives on 12 September, 2016 to explore and bring forth innovations to Trade Unions in BWI industries.

The BWI Regional Representative, Crecentia Mofokeng in her opening remark mentioned the essence of the youth movements is to raise issues, how they could speak and developing positive changes for young people at workplace. She motivated all active youth to research new methods for addressing Trade Union matters. Invent strategic modalities to reach out to secure young people in short term and temporary contracting jobs. 

The agenda of trade union movement is relevant to the aspirations of young people and BWI in support of that have recognized the youth as part of her structure. As a result calls for youths to fill in the respective sub regions with consideration of age range. 

She concluded saying "If we build a strong youth structure at national level it will influence a stronger structure in the regional and global level." 

Jasmin Redzepovic, Assistant Education Secretary, spoke on the role of youth in societal and global building. Youths participating in change today is a way of securing a relaxed future at old age. He also encouraged all at the meeting to carry out self-assessment on what has been done; to drop and what way to best improve on the achievements so far using new innovations. 

The Africa and MENA Youth committee also discussed sustenance of Youth group Structure by continuous organizing and campaign programmes using new innovations. 

Africa Youth Committee adopted an action plan and a resolution toward BWI Congress of next year in Durban to be submitted to the regional Conference for adoption.