March 8 - A day of struggle for women in Brazil

20 March 2018 15:50

As always, March 8 is a day of struggle for women. This year, the women leaders of the BWI in Brazil discussed the different aspects to guarantee gender equality in the trade union movement. Rita Schiavi, President of the International Women's Committee of the BWI, attended the event.

Women focused on the results from BWI Congress and the strategies for developing their participation in all instances of the BWI. The participants highlighted the need to develop the conditions for an effective participation. Schiavi reported on the congress decision quota of 30 per cent.

Women directors of several Brazilian unions participated in the event as well as Maria Gonçalves, member of the Regional Women's Committee of the BWI in Latin America and the Caribbean. Gonçalves pointed out the need to prioritize training and increase solidarity among women.

Women affirmed the need for self-organization. They also affirmed that the struggle for gender equality must be assumed by all workers.