Mauritius: A victory against casualization of labour after 10 days of Hunger strike!

30 October 2017 14:22

The BWI congratulates the entire leadership of CTSP for the dedication and courage for over 17 years fighting against casualization. Two union leaders and five cleaners went on hunger strike against poverty pay at Mauritian schools.

Low wages of US $43 per month and casual employment through contractors for 333 women cleaners at Mauritian government-run primary and secondary schools prompted the Confédération des Travailleurs du Secteur Public et Privé president Reeaz Chutto and general secretary, Jane Ragoo, also leaders of CMWEU BWI affiliate in Mauritius and five women cleaners to start a hunger strike on 16 October 2017.

This action supported by more the 4,200 signatures on Labour Start online international solidarity campaign forced the Mauritius government to sign an agreement on 25 October. The government recognized the violation of the women cleaners’ rights and set a joint committee which will consider the representation made on behalf of the cleaners currently employed by private contractors providing cleaning services in schools and examine all options for addressing the representation including:

  • The employment of the cleaners on a full time contractual basis without any break between successive contracts of employment and against payment of a monthly wage and

  • Identifying an alternate employer for those cleaners other than Government

The committee will endeavour to submit its report and recommendations to the Government by 15 November 2017.

For BWI general secretary Ambet Yuson: “This is a victory against casualization of labour and a great achievement for the leadership of CTSP and the trade union in Mauritius who has shown that they are ready to use all means even hunger strike to demand for the respect of workers’ rights." He congratulated Reeaz Chutto, Jane Ragoo and the five women for their courage and concluded that "In unity there is strength and Solidarity forever".