Mauritius: CMWEU aids unpaid and COVID-19-vulnerable workers

30 April 2020 07:26

The Construction Workers’ Union of Mauritius (CMWEU) and CTSP came to the aid of 44 unpaid and COVID-19-vulnerable Indian migrant workers employed by Swadeshi Pvt Ltd, an Indian construction company in Mauritius. 

The unions said that the workers have not received their wages for the month of March despite a government commitment to shoulder half of the workers’ salaries to ensure income security.  

The Indian workers said that they have not been provided with any personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves from COVID-19. They said that they have no money to buy toiletries, such as soap and toothpaste, for their personal hygiene. Their dormitories are also overcrowded, with no disinfectants provided to clean their living spaces. Food is also scarce, with workers eating only lentils, potatoes and rice everyday.

As a response, the unions distributed hygiene packs to the workers on 17 April. 

Reeaz Chuttoo, General Secretary of CMWEU, said, "despite the lockdown restrictions, our union could not ignore their call for help.  We are calling on our members to express their  solidarity to our fellow workers and continue with their relief efforts, such as the distribution of food supplies."