Mauritius: Union demands salary increase and end to discrimination at Metro Express Project

27 May 2018 07:40

Members of CMWEU protest outside of the Parliament in Port Louis 

The BWI affiliated union CMWEU demands that the Government of Mauritius implement their agreed upon salary increase of 22 per cent and an end to the discrimination of local workers at the big public infrastructure project Metro Express.

On Wednesday 23 May the union held a press conference and demonstration in front of the Parliament to protest against the Government's failure to take action on these demands.

The union signed an agreement with the employers' organization for a 22 per cent salary increase in November 2017, where joint reference was also made to the Minister of Labour. The Minister had referred the matter to the National Remuneration Board but up to now nothing has been done.

The union now fears that the workers will not get their salary increase and has started a campaign to force the government to enforce the agreement.

In 2017 the Government launched the project Metro Express, with construction of rails, roads and smart cities all over the island. Construction began in April 2018 and it is expected to be in full progress by the end of the year. 

The CMWEU has noted that the employment contracts offered to local people is on month to month duration while foreign workers from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar have two-year employment contracts.

The union demands an end to this discrimination and that all workers be offered an employment contract for the duration of a specific project, regardless if they are local or foreign.