Mauritius: Workers on the streets for their rights

There were more than a hundred people marching in the streets of Rose-Hill in the afternoon of Sunday 5 February to shout their rage at a government that did not move a little finger to relieve the workers. 

The Confederation of Private Sector Workers (CTSP), led by Jane Ragoo and Reaz Chuttoo, warned the sleeping government during the march. 

For this walk that lasted a little more than two hours, workers from different sectors and companies were present, including members of CMWEU BWI affiliate in Mauritius. Everyone denounces that their rights are wronged and that the wage is not equal to the efforts made. Several slogans were chanted, such as "Don’t Dominate Us" and “Children with disabilities have the same rights."  

Younger beneficiaries of the Youth Employment Program (YEP) - derided on a sign with Youth Exploitation Program.

In a pamphlet given to the demonstrators but also to the curious witnesses who witnessed this peaceful demonstration from a distance, the CTSP, which brought together all its members, recalled that anti-worker legislation, the Employment Rights Act (ERiA) Employment Relations Act (EReA), have existed for eight years. And because of these two laws voted in 2009, workers going on pension can’t no longer live in a decent way. For all the reasons mentioned, CTSP requested the amendment of ERiA and EReA. Because an employee can be thanked without any justification and without being paid. Hence the introduction of the Portable Severance Allowance Fund. Not to mention that since 2013, thousands of workers over 50 years of age have been dismissed without any "lump sum" being paid.