Migrant workers and their children exploited in Kazakhstan

28 June 2018 09:35

Front page of the report "Invisible and exploited in Kazakhstan"

Hundreds of thousands of people from Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian states are forced to migrate to Kazakhstan in search of work. A new report from the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) finds evidence of widespread exploitation of both women, men, and children in forced labour.

Based on findings of a series of missions carried out from September to November 2017 in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, the report finds prevailing corruption within migration police services. Increased discrimination has also made it more difficult for Kyrgyz migrants to integrate into the Kazakh society and obtain a “regulated status”, which is necessary for living and working legally in Kazakhstan.

The report explicitly points out that migrant workers and their families often fall victim to forced labour, unsafe and unsanitary working conditions, violations of the rights to maternity and childhood, as well as arbitrary arrests and deportations.

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