Migrant workers can now become trade unionists even before entering Germany

As part of the various efforts to protect the rights of migrant construction workers in Germany, the IG Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt (IG BAU) launched an innovative form of trade union membership wherein a migrant worker can become a member of the union even before arriving in the country.

According to the union’s new organising scheme, migrant construction workers who will work in Germany can become IG BAU members even before entering the country through a single online registration and dues payment system. 

They will be entitled to the following: 

  • Free legal advice, assistance and representation, 

  • Access to information in their preferred language, 

  • Strike support

  • Immediate protection of employment and social rights in Germany. 

IG BAU, citing the 2017 Berlin Constitution, said that migrant workers in the construction industry and the agricultural sector can become its annual members. 

Membership to IG BAU is renewable annually.  A dues payment of EUR 187, 20 is required for migrant construction workers and EUR 146, 40 for migrant agricultural workers. The union said that membership for migrant workers are much lower than usual as they are only temporarily staying the country. 

Membership begins upon payment of dues and ends after twelve months, without cancellation, unless it is renewed. 

For more information, go here.