Mobilization in Switzerland for equal pay

21 September 2018 15:27

September 20 – The Swiss parliament is discussing a law which would obligate companies with more than 100 workers to check periodically if there is a pay-gap among their workforce.

The law will be discussed next Monday. This coming Saturday, UNIA in cooperation with women’s groups and other interest groups will organize a demonstration for equal pay in Bern, capital of Switzerland.

“It is a disgrace that we are in the 21th century and we still have not reached gender pay equity. Money and power are unequally distributed between men and women. In both politics and at the leading positions of economy women are under-represented and the average gender pay gap is still 600 francs (528 euros) per month! Nothing will be acheived if we do not fight for it. This is why we need to demonstrate on Saturday!” says Rita Schiavi, Chair of BWI International Women’s Committee and member of BWI’s Swiss affiliate Unia.