Montenegro: SGIGMCG signs a national Collective Bargaining Agreement for the construction sector

06 April 2016 11:55

After extensive negotiations in 2015, the Trade Union of Construction and Building Materials of Montenegro, SGIGMCG, concluded with the Employers Association of Montenegro the national branch Collective Bargaining Agreement on amendments to the CBA for the construction and building materials industry. The signing event was held at the Montenegrin Employers Federation on 15 December 2015.

Amendments to the existing CBA signed in 2012 have necessitated the need to harmonize the provisions of the General Collective Agreement, especially on the corrections of the coefficients of complexities of achieved learning outcomes in work.

With the signed amendments to the national collective bargaining agreement, paid leave for childbirth increased to five working days. Furthermore, the additions include the increase of severance pay in case of retirement, the recognition of the special union fund by the signatories for the purpose of health prevention and recreation activities. The parties also agreed that "non-compliance on safety at work", due to the specificity of the activity itself and the increased risk of injury at work, should be part of the serious violations of work obligations.

Among its priorities, SGIGMCG is campaigning for the ratification of ILO C167, which has been accepted by the tripartite Social Council, the Government and put forward, after the positive opinion of the Parliamentary Committees in 2015, for ratification to the Parliament of Montenegro. Also, as a result of its organising campaign, the union outreached to workers employed by the private employment agency “Leasing Two”. They work on the highway project section Smokovac – Matesevo whose main contractor is the China Road and Bridge Corporation, CRBC.

There is a Committee for monitoring, application and interpretation of the collective agreement.

The CBA was signed by Svetlana Vuksanovic, President of the MEF and Nenad Markovic, president of the Union of Construction and Building Materials Industry.