Nepal: BWI and ADB conduct joint inspection and training on energy infra sites

BWI, from 20 to 24 November, conducted a week-long mission to Tanahu Hydropower Project’s 3 funded packages and various smaller energy projects in the Katmandu valley of Nepal. The visits included interviews with the management, safety officers, workers and union representatives, as well as site visits and the witnessing of the morning toolbox talks with workers.


The week concluded with a training at the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Nepal country office, which was attended by 50 participants (both online and offline), including from across ADB-funded sites - project managers, safety officers and other compliances teams. A number of issues, within the context of ILO CLS and the Nepal Labour Act 2017, and unearthed during the site visits, were presented, and practical applications of best practices for continuous improvement that could be introduced in project implementations were discussed.


The week was closed with meetings with BWI national affiliates CUPPEC, ANCWU and CAWUN about their ongoing organising drive targeting IFI-funded projects in the country.