Netherlands: Participate in the Child Learn Marathon for a Child Labour Free World on 19 June 2016

16 May 2016 10:09

"We want to ensure all children have access to education and schooling and to improve the wages of adult workers by strengthening trade unions. If you share BWI’s vision of a child labour free world, participate in the Child Learn Marathon on Sunday 19 June 2016 in Schimmert Netherlands," says Ambet Yuson, General Secretary of the Building and Wood Workers International (BWI) who supports the event. The marathon is organized by the Dutch foundation “Stichting Child Learn” which supports BWI child labour schools in India. 

For the trade unions, presence of children in the workforce not only weakens their structure but also suppresses the adult wages, reduces their bargaining power and further perpetuates poverty. Though it is welcome to note that there has been a 26% decline in the incidence of child labour employed (5-14 years) across the world, the number of children currently employed still remains high and a cause of concern. 

If you enjoy running and you want to help Child Learn and the BWI in the fight against child labour then please check out the marathon website here and  the website of Childlearn here. 

You can register directly by clicking here.  Please indicate in the last field of the registration form if you run for the marathon or the semi-marathon.  


The registration fee for kids is 2 Euros. For adults between 7.50 and 50 Euros.   

Registration on the spot is also possible but more expensive.  All fees are donated to the Foundation Child Learn. 

The marathon will start at noon at the camping in Schimmert. Runners will have access to the shower of the camping. 

The Marathon for ADULTS is 42 km and half marathon 21 km. There are also races of 7 and 14 km. 

The children will run: 
Age 6 & 7: 750 meters 
Age 8 and 9: 1,500 meters 
Age 10, 11 & 12: 2,250 meters 

FNV Mondiaal and FNV Bouw also support the event. 

Please find the Flyer in English here. 


Where is Schimmert?  See map here. 

Schimmert has around 3,500 inhabitants and is located in the southeastern part of the country and is bordered by Germany, Belgium (the Dutch-speaking province of Limburg and French-speaking province of Liège). 

Maastricht 17 km by train to Valkenburg (11 minutes)  Luik 44 km by train to Valkenburg (1 hour)  Aachen 31 by train to Valkenburg (1 hour).  

Dusseldorf 102 km by train to Valkenburg (2 hour and 36 minutes)  Bonn 116 km by train to Valkenburg  Brussels 121 km by train to Valkenburg (2 hour and 8 minutes). 

Depending on the number of participants in the marathon, the organizers of the event on the spot will organise the transfer all runners and their family from Valkenburg to Schimmert.
Where can I sleep? 

  • Camping in Schimmert  

  • Hotels near Schimmert.  In Valkenburg. (6 a 7 km) from Schimmert. There is a train station in Valkenburg and there is a bus to Schimmert  - Hotel Parkzicht, Wilhelminalaan 63, 6301 GH Valkenburg tel.: +31 436010601  - Best Western Hotel Walram, Walramplein 37, 6301 DC Valkenburg tel:+31 436013047 

  • At Maastricht airport (15 km), you can take the bus to the train station Maastricht and then the train to Valkenburg. From Maastricht there is the possibility to go by bus to Schimmert. 

  • Tulip Inn Hotel, Vliegveldweg 86, 6199 AD Maastricht, Tel.: +31 4336421

For further information contact