New report: FIFA & Human Rights

21 April 2016 13:26

A new report points out an agenda for FIFA how to respect human and labour rights across its global operations.

The report was commissioned by FIFA itself and written by the human rights expert Professor John Ruggie. It also includes guidelines and recommendations for marketing and sponsorship as well as for all sports organisations responsible for major events.

According to the report, FIFA needs to put words into action and translate its commitment to respect human rights included in its new Statutes into its daily work and decisions.


”This report should be a clear wakeup-call for FIFA to act to restore its bad reputation. We hope that they will take the recommendations to prevent violations of human rights seriously. FIFA need to keep a dialogue with unions in this work and involve workers’ representatives at all levels,” said Ambet Yuson, general secretary of the BWI.

One of the key recommendations for FIFA is to better monitor human and labour rights conditions in host nations by carrying out joint inspections with expert stakeholders – something that the BWI has long pushed for. The report also recommends that "Where FIFA is unable to reduce severe human rights impacts by using its leverage, it should consider suspending or terminating the relationship.”

Read the full report here