Brazil: Amid COVID-19, QUIMICOS ABC ensures workers’ health, safety and income

27 March 2020 09:34

With COVID-19 reaching Brazil, BWI affiliates worked together to ensure the health, safety and income of Brazilian workers. 

In the metropolitan region of Sao Paulo, the QUIMICOS ABC trade union reached an important agreement with the BASF EC-Paints and Varnishes plant regarding the vacation leaves and job security of 1,000 workers. The agreement ensures that workers can stay at home for a maximum of 41 days, discounting only 30 days of vacation leave.

Soon after, another similar agreement was signed with Fastaplas Automotive Co., covering 450 union members.

“It was difficult, but we achieved a big victory: we secured our health, livelihood and the safety of our families. Despite Bolsonaro’s anti-worker measures, such as the recently ditched plan to suspend workers’ contracts for 4 months, we prevailed. Together, let's overcome this pandemic.”, said Iran Nunes Soares, QUIMICOS ABC Board member and coordinator of the plant´s Workers’ Council.