Brazil: Workers from Ceará on strike for 15 days

03 April 2019 07:51

hWorkers affiliated to SINTEPAV CE on strike at workplace

Workers building the Transposition project in São Francisco River, in the states of Fortaleza and Pernambuco, Brazil have been on an unlimited strike for 15 days. The strike began on 18 March due to delays in Profit Sharing payment and a demand for wage increase. The strike is being led by the Union of Workers in the Construction of Infrastructure Works in the State of Ceará (SINTEPAV CE) affiliated to BWI.

Ferreira Guedes/Tonniolo Busnello is responsible for the construction project. The company has refused to adhere to the union’s demands and are preventing workers from exercising their right to strike by filing an injunction against workers’ mobilization. However, the workers have vowed to continue their strike until they achieve victory.

"Even when people are trying everything to complicate workers’ life, SINTEPAV CE will always work hard to guarantee decent work," said Raimundo Nonato Gomes, President of SINTEPAV CE.