BWI Connect: Migrant Workers from Qatar joins unions in New Zealand

26 February 2019 10:26

“Our experience in joining the Balikatan ng Manggagawa sa Konstruksyon sa Qatar (BMKQ) has given our confidence that we can also join union here in New Zealand,” said Anthony Laquihon former Secretary of BMKQ

Anthony along with his co-workers and members of BMKQ used to work with AlumCo in Qatar.  When the company went bankrupt, they were distressed for close to six months - no salaries, accommodation and food.  

Through the support of the BWI the case was settled, and they were eventually repatriated back in the Philippines. 

Since working in New Zealand last year as fabricators and construction workers in Hamilton, New Zealand they have contacted BWI requesting to be introduced in BWI affiliates in New Zealand.  

On 23 February in Aukland, Ambet Yuson, BWI General Secretary introduced the group to Robert Reid, President of First Union New Zealand, who promised to dispatch First Union organisers to visit them in Hamilton to conduct “Know your Rights in NZ session” and to develop organising plans.

“The BWI and NZ affiliated unions will fully support the formation of BMKNZ," said Yuson.