BWI rallies support for Italian unions national strike

26 February 2019 10:19

On 26 February 2019: Today, Ambet Yuson, BWI General Secretary, in his address to the CFMEU MUA Western Australia Conference call for International Solidarity for the forthcoming Italian unions national strike on 15 March 2019.

“Our Italian comrades also need your support and solidarity. On 15 March, the Italian unions will go on national strike demanding jobs and democracy,” he declared.

“In the past ten years due to the political policies of the Italian government, 600,000 construction workers have lost their jobs, 120,00 companies in the industry has collapsed, and major infrastructure projects have come to a halt,” he added.

At the same time, Yuson reported to the Conference delegates that BWI campaign in Qatar “has resulted in improvements in health and safety; new dispute settlement mechanism; minimum wage and reforming labor laws towards the abolition of forced labour and this will benefit more than 1.8 million migrant workers.”

He acknowledged the CFMEU in its participation of BWI-SC joint inspections in Qatar “which has resulted in improved safety and health standards and recognition of occupational health and illnesses and revision of policies related to heat stress,” he concluded.