Chile: Union joins the mobilization against privatization of pension funds

03 April 2019 08:18

The National Federation of Workers in Construction, Wood, Services and Allied Sectors (FETRACOMA), a BWI affiliate in Chile, took part in national mass No+AFP mobilization on 31 March in Santiago, Chile. The mobilization was in protest of the current pension system in the country. The union joined the demands for the government to establish another national system that would increase the distribution of retirement funds and thus guarantees a social security system accessible to all as a human right.

The AFP (Private Administrators of Pension Funds) was installed through an imposition in December 1982, during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet and to this day, it is the only social security system for workers and the general population in Chile.

As the mobilization gained momentum, FETRACOMA leaders led the mobilization in Calzada de la Alameda in the capital city pushing back the riot police.

In addition to the national march, mobilizations took place in 18 regions of the country.